UZN Stables

UZN Stables is situated in the countryside of the municipality of Sint-Oedenrode, between the cities of Veghel and Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands. In 2017, construction started and the brand-new dressage stables were opened that same year.
Here you’ll find an overview in text and image of the numerous current facilities at UZN Stables.


UZN Stables consists of two fully equipped stabling sections. If necessary, both units may be used separately by various riders. UZN Stables now has sixteen boxes, all made of high-quality sustainable materials. Every spacious box measures 3.7 by 4 metres. All boxes have rubber floors and half-rubber walls and partitions. Every box has outside hatches and an opening in the partition between two boxes. The stabling sections are each equipped with one washing area with solarium and a separate tack room.      

In 2018, UZN Stables will be adding the following facilities, directly adjacent to the stabling sections:

– A 20 x 60 metres indoor arena, with a foyer and three studios for grooms and personnel;
– An indoor lunge pen.

Paddocks and outdoor arena

Apart from the stabling units, UZN Stables has a number of facilities for keeping and training horses. The yard holds ten different grass paddocks, each measuring 500 to 600 square metres and all equipped with quality fencing. The large sand paddock with its all-weather footing is accessible year-round, as is the spacious outdoor training arena measuring 20 x 60 metres and enclosed with a befitting fence.   

In 2018, UZN Stables will be adding the following facilities:

– Roofed horse walker;
– Horsebox parking area.

Management and sustainability

UZN Stables is keen on providing each horse with the right management. The paddocks offer plenty of opportunities for free movement and relaxation. Hacking in the neighbouring woods also benefits the horse’s mental wellbeing. When it comes to feeding we feel that high-quality roughage is key. We have composed our very own grass mix combined with several herbs for the grass paddocks to ensure low fructan levels. Our hay is from Germany and also contains low levels of fructan. In our boxes with either a straw or shavings bedding we use self-designed slow-feeders so the horses have roughage the whole day. The outside hatches and partition openings add to the horses’ essential social behaviour.


UZN Stables
Rijtvenweg 14
The Netherlands