Pelin Mutludogan

She is my second eye and my best friend
My mother is my biggest motivator, even on a bad day. She drives me everywhere and is also – figuratively speaking – my ‘destiny knower’. She does all my programs including my competition lists and daily planning and usually chooses my competition clothing. Sometimes she suddenly says something and it frequently turns out to be true. She is my second eye and my best friend. She is now learning to photograph and that is so much fun! My mom can get really stressed during my shows. She’d rather hold the doors and try keeping people quiet than watching my test. She watches my training every day though and helps me from time to time when no one is there. Basically she is the one that I can’t live without.

Ali Uzunhasan

The one who always believes in me and stands by my side
My father is my biggest supporter. The one who always believes in me and stands by my side. He started horse riding because of me and was one of my first trainers. He has read and watched a lot of course, like he always does when he is interested in something, and I believe he might well be the one with the most knowledge of dressage in Turkey. My dad keeps his promises and always tries his best to support me. Even during his sick bed when he had a severe form of cancer he encouraged me to go on and achieve the best I could, even when he would not be there anymore. He is my stress ball. Before a show we often get into a ‘friendly fight’ to relieve stress. He is one of the key members of our team. I can’t imagine where I would be without him.

Other team members

The ones who make the difference

Helen Langehanenberg is the new trainer of Lina since 2019. The German rider has been a fixture in the top of the dressage sport with her famous stallion Damon Hill NRW and is known for her skillful way of training horses towards the highest level. Lina feels a good connection with Helen and hopes to take a next step in her career with this trainer alongside her.

Masja Habraken ownes the stables where my Gente stays. She is a great horsewoman. She taught me I have to be in control of my horse and she supported and followed me throughout my journey. She has become a very good friend of us. We can’t think of a better person to take care of our mare and foal.

Timurhan Tastutar is our team innovationist. He is one of the nano particle machine ambassadors that is used to give medication to horses or any animal without injections. He is also great at analyzing the weaknesses of the horse and rider and mostly monitors my personal training routine as well. He is now building his own horse rehabilitation center in Kleve. He’s a super guy and so funny.

Ruud Maipjo is my personal trainer. He is super funny and knows how to push me through the pain. I really trust him. He always explains to me why I need to do something. To correct my seat on the horse and get better I try to go training with him twice a week. I really feel the difference in my seat. I got more stable and balanced over time.

Jeff Desmedt is like a miracle curer. Every two months Donna goes to Jeff for a check-up. When she comes back it’s almost like she has had a massage. She is so supple and happy then. I think these check-ups are really important, as horses are truly top athletes. Jeff is a super vet that is always great for my horses.

Last but not least there is Roy den Bieman. He is a super blacksmith and certified farrier. His grandfather is the founder of BR.

All these people are irreplaceable for me and much needed for success!