My horses

Horses play a leading role in lina’s life

Donna Ray

(United x Negro, 2008, KWPN, mare)

It’s hard to describe it precisely, but Donna and I just click. She understands me like no other horse does and she always tries to do her best. Donna is the best and at the same time hardest horse I have ever had. She is really super easy to train and a great character, but at the same time very very sensitive. She can get naughty or very hot at competitions. I honestly just figured out after 2,5 years how to control her at competitions and still sometimes I don’t manage (good horses are hard ☺). For sure she is that one special horse for me, my diva, princess and soul mate. She can be a bit in her own world and doesn’t always like to be touched. But when she really loves you, she will come to you and demand attention.

Donna is just fantastic!

Comte du Baccara C

(Johnson x Ulrich, 2007, KWPN, gelding)

Comte du Baccara C is the latest addition to my string of horses. We have really high expectations of Bacca, as he is called in the stables. He is a super talented horse with a great hind leg. I’m not really into chestnuts but he has a great character and a superb willingness to work. I believe he will be a super U25 horse in some time. Now he is almost ready for Small Tour level. He did some national competitions with his previous rider and got nice scores at Dutch ZZ-Zwaar level.

Bacca reminds me a bit of Donna when we first bought her.

Hermes (for sale)

(Johnson x Rousseau, 2012, KWPN, gelding)

Hermes aka Spekkie is the prettiest and sweetest five year old there is. He has a super walk and canter and some good trot potential. We entered some competitions at Dutch L-level and he behaved super well!
Because of my study at university I have too little time for Spekkie, which is a shame. That’s why he is now for sale. He is being trained by top rider Joyce Lenaerts.

When you’re interested in Hermes you can always contact us.


(Charmeur x Metall, 2011, KWPN, mare)

Gente is a really sweet mare. She has a great hind leg and good confirmation. She is recovering from an injury and is stabled at the Rock Rehabilitation and Care Center in Nuenen, where she gets the best care from Masja Habraken. We use Gente for breeding now. She is a good mom and can be a bit protective of her foal towards other horses. In 2017 Gente gave birth to Master Design UZN, a beautiful filly from the promising Toto Jr. (s. Totilas)!

Fürst Fabelhaft UZN

(All at Once x Fidermark, 2014, Hanovarian, gelding)

Fürst Fabelhaft UZN is from the first crop of the talented stallion All at Once’s (Ampère x Gribaldi). During the Hanoverian Stallion Licensing, where he got his approval, I fell in love with him. In light of his sport career we decided he would be of greater value to us as a gelding. At the end of 2017 he came to the UZN Stables and since then I have been riding him. He is super sweet with a great character!

I really have expectations of this orange guy!