About Lina

With ambition you’re able to chase your dreams
Welcome on Lina Uzunhasan’s website. Lina’s life is dedicated to her beloved horses and the dressage sport. In 2017, Lina started riding for the USA and her ambition to reach the top in this Olympic discipline is clearly there. Born in the United States and raised in Turkey, she already knew at an early age her future would be in horse sport. In 2014, a special mare named Donna Ray came into her life and in 2015, Lina and her family decided to move to the Netherlands for the next step in her dressage career. They realised the UZN Stables where talented dressage horses are being trained and traded. Lina trained with names like Anky van Grunsven and Nicolette van Leeuwen and is now under the wings of German Helen Langehanenberg. Read more

My horses

Horse play a leading role in Lina’s life

Already at the age of twelve she had her first experience at international level with the horse Sjonnie. Later on Donna Ray crossed her path. Although Lina had sworn she never wanted a mare again after a bad experience with a pony, she gladly made an exception for Donna. Together with this talented horse Lina participated at the FEI European Championships for Juniors.
They even did this three times in a row. The Valencia Europeans especially, where Lina and Donna were highly placed individually, offered some fantastic moments. Besides Donna there are more horses to love for Lina, like Comte du Baccarat C and Fürst Fabelhaft UZN. Read more

Lina competing with her horses

My team

Where would a young ambitious rider be without a great team behind her?

Lina considers herself to be fortunate with the people that support and guide her. First of all there are of course her father and mother. They are always there to fall back on. Both of them enjoy all the successes and follow the path leading Lina to the top of the dressage sport front row.
All of this can not be done without a good trainer beside her. Lina has already worked with names like Anky van Grunsven and Nicolette van Leeuwen. Nowadays she is being trained by the German top rider ander trainer Helen Langehanenberg. Besides Helen the team behind Lina comprises more indispensable links, namely Masja, Timurhan, Ruud, Jeff and Roy. Read more


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Brands that support Lina


‘I have been using Roeckl dressage gloves ever since the first time I sat on a horse. For me they are an irreplaceable piece of my outfit.’



‘I’m proud to be an Animo testimonial. It’s great that this famous and prestigious equestrian clothing brand has welcomed me in their team.’



‘Petrie is a fantastic brand to have onboard as a sponsor! Their great riding boots can be personalized, like they have done with my boots.’